University of West Attica (Greece)

The University of West Attica (UNIWA) is the third largest of HEI in Greece. Over 50,000 students attend undergraduate and postgraduate programs provided by 27 Departments and taught by teaching staff committed to maintaining the highest standards in education. UNIWA is a dynamic and constantly evolving institution that strives to fulfil its vision and mission, and to achieve its goals investing in the development of modern teaching methods, adapted to students’ needs and responsive to the competitive labour market and society requirements, as well as in its modern facilities and infrastructure (i.e. teaching resources, classrooms, laboratories/workshops, scientific equipment). UniWA applies EN ISO 9001:2008 and its academic units have successfully undergone external International evaluation organised by the Hellenic Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (HQAA). UniWA is currently acting as the coordinating organisation of the “ICT for Learning, Education and Training” committee of the Hellenic Standardisation Organisation (ELOT) and represents Greece to the European standardisation activities of the CEN Technical Committees 353 and 428. It has been the coordinating organization for the production of the European Learner Mobility (ELM) Achievement Information (15981 EuroLMAI) European Norm, and a key contributor to the 15982 Metadata for Learning Opportunities (MLO) European Norm.